Monday night and there is nothing on tv? WELL YOUR WRONG YOU IDIOT!

First of all the #1 show to watch on Monday night is How I Met Your Mother on CBS at 8PM Eastern (No, I don't know when it is central and pacific but yeah you figure it out). Its a hilarious comedy that frankly isn't what I would consider really offensive or crude and nevertheless a funny one and you people without cable can also watch it. Now this show does not have good ratings so please do me a favor and watch it before it gets canceled and I pass out again and wake up in a pool of blood. It has happened before. When arrested development was canceled I awoke in a pool of blood with 15 human heads and 25 kitten heads lying on the floor with the words "Gobias Industries" written all over the walls. Don't let it happen again. Ohh umm and yeah thats last weeks episode not the funniest but still funny umm by the way when they say "they met online" you later find out they met up on World of Warcraft hah classic. SO WATCH!!!


Uh another Monday but the good news is that we are now in Oscar Season WOOHOO!!! Oh what a wonderful time of year for people who enjoy high-quality, entertaining and more often then not moving and/or controversial movies. We are already hearing some buzz for George Clooney for 'Claton' and the Ben Affleck directed "Gone, Baby Gone" (which I really would like to watch and hopefully will see this weekend.

I don't know about you but I am pumped! I haven't been to the movie theaters lately (minus Michale Clayton the last time I went was when me Bandito and company saw Knocked Up which by the way was horribly overrated in my opinion but then again still a good comedy and I have to admit I did not get all of the references in it)well I will probably start going to the movies much more often now.

How are all of your Monday's going? It's pretty sad when you are exausted (Fuck spelling) on a Monday afternoon but I will survive.

Anyway hope you are all enjoying the videos I have been posting on the music and youtube section. Expect more music to be popping up there soon. I have just posted 2 new items onto it (the Boston Legal Theme Song and another Lewis Black skit about Queers) as well as a new fact of the day about everyones favorite pet: Cockroaches. I am proud to say that this site on this Saturday had over 100 people click on the links on it (a click = 1 person so if you visited all 5 pages that would count as 5). I know nothing new was posted on Sunday but keep checking back because even if nothing new appears for a few days something will be a coming eventually. I will post if I am away for a extended period of time so that you all do not think I have stopped using the site so unless otherwise noted there should keep being new things here so: Check up!

Happy Monday to all and to all a good night (and thats not a fucking Christmas reference),


Ahh my favorite. Most people get sad and/or depressed when it rains during the afternoon (especially when they have to be outside) for me it only makes me happy. I love the rain and life it brings out in everything around it. So what that the trains are running slowly and you get a little wet, big deal! I know of only a few other people who love the cloudy, rainy, overall (in a 'normal' persons opinion) gloomy weather. What about you? Whats your favorite type of weather?

So I finally got the main pages (for now) up on my site. I got a regular blog page, a fact(s) of the day page, a suggestions page and a music and youtube page.

I intend to at least one video to the music and youtube page later today so check back.

Things to expect to be added soon:
More movie reviews
Some ridiculous news stories
Many more crazy facts
And at the end of the year a list of the best TV shows and Movies of the year.

Another week has passed and I would just like to congratulate everyone for still being alive (to my knowledge at least).

Idiotic Quote of the Week: "You're antisemitic against Jews."

 I intend to watch the movie "Good Night and Good Luck" so I will probably get another short review up in a day or so. I also will, most likely watch the 1996 science fiction movie "12 Monkeys" this weekend. All movies I see or have recently seen will be reviewed here. I would just like to say that all films I watch I only see after I know that the film has mostly positive reviews and is about a topic I will like so truthfully, I am picky when it comes to films and shows (I hate more than I like) but since everything I am going to be watching will probably be very good expect mostly positive reviews.

So not much to write but do check out the video section and any suggestions well you know where they go. I have already put on the Facts of the Day so check that out also.

Thank you for visiting my site as always,


(The video above it a trailer for the movie please wait while it loads)

Review: A very intelligent thriller with another great performance by Clooney. Though slow at times and confusing at others everything comes together for a great, satisfying  conclusion. I also have to say that I really enjoyed the amazing scenes shot in Upstate New York because of this I suggest you watch this film on the big screen. Everyone gives a great performance and (though I have not yet seen Eastern Promises) I believe that this is the best film that is currently in wide release.

See it in theaters!

Rating: A (95)

First Entry! 10/17/2007

Just wanted to make sure that if anyone came to this site and clicked here it wouldn't be completely blank.

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