Oscar's a comin! 01/23/2008

Well that isn't really a correct statement what with the WGA strike (YOU KNOW WHAT IF YOU HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO GO ON SUCH A LONG STRIKE WHY THE HELL ARE YOU ASKING FOR MORE YOU GREEDY EVIL BASTEREDS!!!) there might not even be any Oscar's this year. I am proud to say that out of the 5 movies nominated for best picture I have seen 2 of them and want to see two others (...yeah you heard me right Atonement I want to only see 2 others...). The two I saw were Michale Clayton and No Country For Old Men both amazing films though No Country is superior. I'd make Oscar predictions but I haven't seen all the films so I'd just be regurgitating what others have already said. Still here is a shout to everyone to go see as many Oscar contenders as possible not so you can seem intelligent come (?) award night but just for your own enjoyment and so that you can seem intelligent after and before award night also.

No Country For Old Men: Simply put an amazing thriller (and I am not a fan of thrillers) with a great cast and possibly the best villain in movie history (if not the top 5 for sure). I will be shocked if Javier Bardem does not win the Oscar for best supporting actor.




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