New Song -- 2/26/09


Yeah I'm still're not not that you ever were but I'm here its fine I didn't set out to make this site for anyone just have a place i could go for one thing or another. Going to make some updates add some things take a few others off. Who knows maybe I'll get some actual content on here...doubtfully. (Feburary 19th, 2009)


Just for your information.

During the week I usually update by 6PM (of course sometimes it might be much earlier/later but usually 6PM)

On Weekends I usually update by Noon (again I might add something else later at 7ish)

Whats New

Here I will write the new items on the site (a new page, a new blog, a new video whatever). So this way the lazy people only have to scroll down to see the new things instead of having to go through all of the trouble of clicking on like 5 separate links (I know, isn't that so hard?).

Whats New: