Ohh imagine my excitement as I sat down this Friday evening to watch what is said to be the best film of 2006 (I mean it won the Oscar for Best Picture so how can't it be amazing?). But before I get into that let me just give you all a synopsis first: (taken from movies.aol.com)

Issues of race and gender cause a group of strangers in Los Angeles to physically and emotionally collide in this drama from director and screenwriter Paul Haggis. Graham (Don Cheadle) is a police detective whose brother is a street criminal, and it hurts him to know his mother cares more about his ne'er-do-well brother than him. Graham's partner is Ria (Jennifer Esposito), who is also his girlfriend, though she has begun to bristle at his emotional distance, as well as his occasional insensitivity over the fact he's African-American and she's Hispanic. Rick (Brendan Fraser) is an L.A. district attorney whose wife, Jean (Sandra Bullock), makes little secret of her fear and hatred of people unlike herself. Jean's worst imaginings about people of color are confirmed when her SUV is carjacked by two African-American men -- Anthony (Chris Bridges, aka Ludacris), who dislikes white people as much as Jean hates blacks, and Peter (Larenz Tate), who is more open minded. Cameron (Terrence Howard) is a well-to-do African-American television producer with a beautiful wife, Christine (Thandie Newton). While coming home from a party, Cameron and Christine are pulled over by Officer Ryan (Matt Dillon), who subjects them to a humiliating interrogation (and her to an inappropriate search) while his new partner, Officer Hansen (Ryan Phillippe), looks on. Daniel (Michael Pena) is a hard-working locksmith and dedicated father who discovers that his looks don't lead many of his customers to trust him. And Farhad (Shaun Toub) is a Middle Eastern shopkeeper who is so constantly threatened in the wake of the 9/11 attacks that he decided he needs a gun to defend his family. Crash was the first directorial project for award-winning television and film writer Haggis. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

I wouldn't say it was a complete waste of time and I am glad that I finally got to see it. But truthfully though I can't say this film was horrible and that it doesn't have heart or at least tries to be good I just couldn't fall for it no matter how hard I tried (and I really did try) I just didn't believe it, and though it is nice when seemingly completely unrelated stories intervene it is a very hard thing to accomplish without having it seem like completely b.s. or way too coincidental. I found a bit of the former and a lot of the latter in this movie.  All I can say since this film did in fact win Best Picture last year and was liked/loved by most critics is that you should see it for yourself and form your own opinions. I'd personally suggest a viewing of "Night on Earth" but everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

Crash: B-/C+



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