(The video above is a trailer for Gone Baby Gone)

Synopsis (taken from www.movies.aol.com):

'Gone Baby Gone' is Ben Affleck’s directorial debut and is based on the novel from the acclaimed author of 'Mystic River.' It is an intense look inside an ongoing investigation about the mysterious disappearance of a little girl. Two young private detectives (Casey Affleck and Michelle Monaghan) are hired to take a closer look at the case and soon discover that nothing is what it seems. Ultimately, they will have to risk everything -- their relationship, their sanity, and even their lives -- to find a little girl lost. The film also stars Academy Award Winner Morgan Freeman
('Million Dollar Baby') and Academy Award Nominee Ed Harris ('Pollack').

Now let me just start out with two things. First of all from the synopsis this seems a bit formulaic (detectives looking for a missing child ohhh never seen that before) but it is not. The movie is very well done with many different plot twists that keep you guessing. Also the movie is made so that after seeing it you and whoever you saw it with will probably have a good long argument about the ending and the various actions that different characters take. Second of all I know many people will see directed by Ben Affleck as a huge turnoff, but I am begging you please do not let the fact that he is a director make you not want to see this film, if anything its a good things that he is the director since the film (which is shot in his hometown of Boston) depicts the life in that part of the city very genuinely. Overall its a great film with wonderful performances by Casey Affleck (Ben's brothers) Michelle Monaghan (from the film 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' expect a blog about that either later today or tomorrow) Morgan Freeman (who I love no matter where he is, well except Evan Almighty even with Freeman and Carell there is no chance I am going to see that film) and especially Ed Harris who gave, in my opinion, the strongest performance out of everyone (and thats saying quite a bit when every actor in the film is so talented). Nevertheless, if you had to choose I would say go see Clayton first (but both films are great).


Rating:A- (90)



Martin Luther King

Tue, 20 Nov 2007 14:47:23

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