I have just finished reading my first book since September (how utterly pathetic) and its a collection of essays so I can't even say its really a book as in a novel but still I am proud. Titled "Me Talk Pretty One Day" by David Sedaris (brother of the actress Amy Sedaris) the book is (as stated earlier) a collection of essays he wrote about events that happened in his life. This is the second book that I have read by Sedaris (after "Naked") and though many people believe "Naked" to be his best book I have to say I enjoyed this one a lot more. Maybe because I knew what I was going into when I started, maybe because this one seemed more believable, maybe because this one was filled with more short stories while that one had longer ones a few of which failed disappointing me much more after reading 50pgs as opposed to this book where even if a few stories where not too good they only took 10-15mins at most to get through and therefore could be forgiven especially considering how many good ones there were. This being said a warning must be given: Sedaris writes in a way that is many times very vulgar and crude, talking about some subjects that I believe many would not discuss with even the closest of friends and at times being quite mean to other people he write about. This being said even though the writing is cruel and vulgar it is at the same time (somehow) very eloquently written showing a vast knowledge of the English language. This book is not for everyone. This book is not for most. There are some stories that can be read by all that are also wonderful yet there are also quite a few that your average America will be very displeased with. But for those who have (the many times) sardonic sense of humor and the stomach for some of the things he writes will be pleased with this nice collection of essays. Simply put (for those who know me) if you have my sense you humor you will enjoy this book.




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